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Who We Are

Elite Energy Solutions is an EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) provider of extensive renewable energy solutions for utility, commercial and residential applications in Honduras and the Caribbean. We specialize in Solar PV projects and battery energy storage systems of all sizes. We offer a wide gamut of renewable energy products and provide continuous operations and maintenance services to our customers.


Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customized photovoltaic solutions to maximize investment yields for our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide affordable renewable energy alternatives to accelerate the clean energy transition in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Core Values


At our company, we strive to foster a culture of innovation by encouraging creativity, embracing new ideas, and continuously seeking out new ways to improve and grow. We believe that innovation is the key to success and are committed to investing in the research and development necessary to stay at the forefront of our industry.


Our company is committed to making our products and services accessible to everyone, regardless of their abilities or needs. We believe in breaking down barriers and creating an inclusive environment where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. We are dedicated to constantly improving our accessibility efforts to ensure that everyone can fully engage and benefit from our offerings.


We believe that open and honest communication is essential to building trust with our customers, employees, and stakeholders. We are committed to being transparent in our decision-making processes, our financial reporting and our interactions with the public. By being transparent, we strive to create a culture of accountability and integrity that is built on mutual trust and respect.

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